Stock Market Turmoil

Things have been crazy lately with the stock market so what should you do?

It depends on where you are in your investing life…

If you are buying into  the stock market on a regular basis through your 401(k), you are in the “accumulation phase” of your investing life.  Like any other purchase, be happy when things go on sale like they did recently:  The sale gives you the chance to buy more shares of your mutual funds at a cheaper price.  When the market bounces back your steadfastness will pay off!

If you are recently retired, and are pulling money out/selling your investments  to live on, you are in the “withdrawal phase” of your life, and you have every reason to be concerned because the opposite rules apply:  If you sell when things are down (rather than buy) you are digging a hole that may be impossible to climb out of.

So like many issues of the day, those who are:   working verses retired / old verses young and rich verses poor may be rooting for opposite things.