Less is More.

My wife recently updated our kitchen after eight years of pleading with me.  I’m not proud that it took me eight years to give in to her reasonable demands but I am proud that we paid cash for the renovations.

On my wife’s Facebook page all of her friends teased me about being so stingy with our money.  And then it struck me:  I have a reputation for being the king of fiscal austerity.

I guess I feel a little misunderstood.  I don’t preach fiscal responsibility to punish people.  It’s because I believe in having less.  Less stuff we mindlessly spend money on.  We (including myself) constantly bring new things in the front door and then set those same things on the back door step for Goodwill months later.

I believe in less.  Less greed and more charity.  In the military I served in third world countries where the extreme poverty shocked me.  I sometimes wonder what those same people would say if I told them about the stress involved with remodeling my kitchen.

I want less.  Less debt that chains us to long work days and sleepless nights.  Less fine print and more fiduciaries.  Fewer complex investments and more low-cost index funds.  Fewer financial predictions and more financial planning.

When will we ever have enough?  Will that next purchase bring us lasting happiness?

Now that we have a new kitchen, I bet the dinning room will start to look outdated.