Standards Matter

Fiduciary Standard vs. Suitability Standard Explained: In the financial world advisers operate under two very different legal standards:  The fiduciary standard and/or the suitability standard. Under a fiduciary standard, the adviser is held to the highest legal code of conduct when it comes to you and your money.  They must put your interests above their […] […] Read more

The $10,000 Question

A question that I am often asked goes like this:  “I have $10,000 (or some other dollar amount) in savings earning nothing.  Any ideas on how I can do better with it?” First a word of caution.  If you ask any broker that gets paid to sell you products (in other words they do not […] […] Read more

Say It Ain’t So!

Here is the true story of someone who recently contacted me for help: She retired from the Federal Government in 2008. Went to a retirement seminar where the adviser got her to withdraw all of her money from the government TSP plan and invest it in an annuity. In 2010 the adviser told her to […] […] Read more