Where Have All The Financial Planners Gone?

Peter, Paul & Mary sang a beautiful song titled:   “Where have all the flowers gone?” If I could sing (which I can’t) my rendition would go something like this:  “Where have all the financial planners gone?  Gone to be portfolio managers every one.  When will they ever learn.  When will they ever learn.” All […] […] Read more

Jack Bogle’s Blog

Here is a link to Jack Bogle’s blog and a good 10 minute interview he did on November 12, 2013 with Bloomberg T.V. The founder of Vanguard is a great teacher and his blog is an outstanding resource for those willing to listen!   http://johncbogle.com/wordpress/   Have a good weekend,   Kurt Houghton     […] […] Read more

Fast Food and Retirement Plans

I always feel pressured by over-eager sales people when I order at a fast food place so I usually know what I want to eat before I ever get near that counter. Retirement plan’s are the same way.  Before you start talking with sales people, know what you want to order by considering the questions […] […] Read more