Who Let The Fox In The Hen House?

No one intentionally lets the fox in the hen house.  The fox is sneaky, the hens are busy laying eggs and the farmer has a million things on his mind.  And then disaster strikes. In the 401(k) industry the story goes like this: A broker/salesperson sells a busy business owner a 401(k) plan.  The cost […] […] Read more

“I’m From The Government and I’m Here To Help.”

Ronald Reagan called the above quote “the nine scariest words in the English language” and I am afraid he may be right. On July 1st of 2012 the Government is requiring 401(k) providers to disclose their fees to business owners. Sixty days later on August 30th, similar disclosures around retirement plan costs will be provided […] […] Read more

“God Damn The Pusher Man” – Steppenwolf

We all have our vices.  Some smoke, some over eat and some people are addicted to finding the “hot” investments for their 401(k) plan.  Financial salespeople feed our addiction by offering to find the hot fund for us. Before you hire an adviser to pick hot funds for your 401(k) menu, or design model portfolios […] […] Read more

Frankenstein’s 401(k) Plan

“I beheld the wretch-the miserable monster whom I had created.”  Frankenstein by Mary Shelley The 401(k) industry has created a monster that’s devouring the retirement dreams of millions of Americans.  Employees don’t value it as a benefit like health insurance or vacation time.  The fees are high and hidden.  The investments are sub-par and financial […] […] Read more