Six Things We Could Learn From The Governments TSP

Time and again I see the same common problems with small business 401(k) plans:  They have high (often hidden) costs, poor participant outcomes (meaning:  will people be able to retire adequately) , unexpected liability and poor investments .  So how do you kill these problems with one stone?  Make your 401(k) plan look like the […] […] Read more

The “F” Word: Fiduciary.

I hate the “F” word.  You know the one I am talking about:  Fiduciary.  401(k) salespeople love to talk “fiduciary responsibility” – The only problem is that most of them have none.  If you are a business owner with a 401(k) plan, fight back with a few pointed questions. 1.Who is the Named Fiduciary?  For […] […] Read more

What Google And Brightscope Have In Common

Brightscope, a popular financial information company that rates 401(k) plans, has something in common with Google:  They both know the value of data that the rest of us are all to willing to give away without thought. As a 401(k) adviser, I am always looking at different tools available to help plan sponsors benchmark and […] […] Read more